Setting up a Project Using Maven

This tutorial assumes you have Java and Maven readily installed on your system. You can verify that by opening a terminal / CMD and running

java -version
mvn --version

The output should contain no error and show a Java version of 8 or above. Now you can create a new folder (e.g. recheck-web-tutorial) and a simple pom.xml file with the following content:




With this, you can now turn to your favorite IDE (e.g. mvn eclipse:eclipse) and create your first test class. Before a Selenium test can be executed correctly, you first need to download a driver/browser executable according to your liking and operating system, e.g. Chrome.

Extract the archive to your hard drive. Note that for the ChromeDriver to work, you need a matching version of Chrome installed on your system. Now we should be all set up to create your first test.